Property Flood Resilience Surveys

Experienced in helping you understand flood risk.

Our industry-leading surveyors offer individual Property Flood Resilience (PFR) surveys and recommend how to make your home or business more resistant to flooding and/or recoverable after flooding. We are independent of PFR product manufacturers/installers and our PFR Reports comply with the industry Code of Practice, are accepted by the Insurance industry and could help a proposed new development meet planning conditions in flood risk areas.

Site Level Services

We also offer site-level assessment surveys in order to advise where off-building solutions may be viable, or where these can offer additional protection to high risk sites. Matt Barker, PFR Consultant, says:

“Our detailed assessment identifies the sources, pathways and receptors of flooding so that we can recommend PFR options that are appropriate for the building, its occupants and your budget.”

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