Property Flood Resilience

Reduce the risk of flood damage to your property and speed up recovery

RAB can assess, engage, advise and even provide training on PFR to drive change and improvement.

Whether it’s introducing measures that help to reduce the likelihood of flood water entering a property, or adjustments that limit the damage caused once it’s inside, PFR aims to reduce the potentially devastating and costly impact of flooding on homes, businesses and communities.

PFR is a crucial part of effective flood risk management. At RAB we work collaboratively to survey any existing measures in place, engage with the community, recommend improvements and assess their effectiveness once installed.

Our specialist experience and considered approach enables the easiest transitions and best outcomes for implementing PFR schemes. Our services are carefully tailored for the specific area, flooding problem, and even the individual property. On top of our flood resilience consulting services, we can also offer PFR training courses for surveyors and project managers. Given our experience across the field of property flood resilience, we’ve even had the opportunity to contribute to a range of research and development projects seeking to promote best practices and improve the resilience of assets to flooding.

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Learn More About Our PFR Services

RAB are approved providers of independent surveys and reports, registered on the Environment Agency’s national PFR framework. Our industry-leading surveyors advised on the recently published PFR Code of Practice and deliver surveys and reports of the highest quality, in accordance with the standards.

We offer exceptional property flood resilience surveys designed specifically for homeowners. With our extensive expertise and knowledge in this field, we provide comprehensive assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend effective measures to mitigate flood risks. Our dedicated team ensure that homeowners receive reliable and personalised solutions, helping them safeguard their properties against flood-related damages.

We also conduct “Build Back Better” Property Flood Resilience Surveys, tailored specifically for insurance companies. Our surveys offer comprehensive insights into potential vulnerabilities, along with expert recommendations on measures to enhance flood resilience and mitigate future damages. By partnering with us, insurance companies can ensure they have the necessary information to make informed decisions and provide effective coverage to their clients in the face of flood risks.

We believe it is essential to be at the forefront of innovation and research to maintain our status as an industry-leading authority within flood risk management in the UK and internationally. Working alongside both private and public sector organisations, as well as academic institutions, we have conducted many industry research and development projects across a variety of topics, informing various national best practice guidance documents.

In addition to our surveying and consultancy services we also offer PFR training courses for surveyors and project managers. Our trainers are industry leading specialists who have many years’ experience of property flood resilience and training for a range of customers.

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