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Put your business continuity plans to the test with RAB

Build confidence through comprehensive training and demonstrate the effectiveness of your plans with realistic exercises

You may have already analysed your business and developed your business continuity plan, but how can you demonstrate that you have trained your staff and tested that your plan works?

We develop bespoke training for your organisation which will ensure your team understand your business continuity policy, plans and procedures, their role in an incident and their everyday business continuity responsibilities.

Once you are happy with your plans and procedures you will need to test that they work. We are highly experienced in developing and delivering bespoke business continuity exercises which take your staff through engaging and realistic scenarios, identify “single points of failure” or other weaknesses in your plan and build staff confidence. We will then provide you with a comprehensive report identifying the next steps and recommendations to make sure your arrangements are as effective as possible.

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Business Continuity Training and Exercises with RAB


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Business Continuity Training & Exercises FAQs

Business continuity training is a structured program designed to educate and prepare an organisation’s staff to effectively respond to disruptions and crises. At RAB, our business continuity training covers a range of topics, ensuring that your team understands business continuity plans, procedures, and their roles in maintaining critical functions during emergencies.

Business continuity training is crucial for organisations to ensure their staff is well-prepared and knowledgeable in responding to disruptions. It helps minimise downtime, protect assets, and maintain operations during unexpected events.

Business continuity exercises serve as valuable tools for testing and validating an organisation’s readiness. They identify weaknesses in plans, improve response efficiency, boost staff confidence, and enhance overall resilience.

RAB offers tailored business continuity training and exercises that align precisely with your organisation’s unique needs and objectives. We collaborate closely with you to understand your specific risks, operations, and vulnerabilities. This information guides us in creating customised training programs that address your organisation’s specific challenges and risks.

The frequency of business continuity training and exercises can vary based on your organisation’s needs, industry, and regulatory requirements. RAB recommends regular training sessions and exercises to keep your team well-prepared. It’s essential to conduct refresher training and exercises and update plans periodically to adapt to evolving risks and changes within your organisation. Our experts can help you determine the appropriate frequency for your specific circumstances.

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