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Effectively prepare for flooding with a forecasting and early warning system developed and tested by RAB.

Our flood forecasting and early warning services can help to reduce the potentially devastating effects of flooding on those living and working in flood-prone areas.

These services are most commonly utilised by local authorities and government agencies as it’s their responsibility to ensure timely, accurate warnings are given so that safe and effective flood procedures can be carried out. No matter the requirement, the highly experienced team at RAB are able to expertly guide clients and recommend the most suitable service.

Developing an effective system might include forecasting, early warning implementation, incident planning, exercising and debriefing post-event.

Whether your organisation operates at a regional, national or international level, we apply innovative approaches and use industry-leading technology to find solutions, build capacity and deliver significant improvements to your flood forecasting and warning systems.

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Through our work, we help to improve current warning lead times and accuracy via assessments of historical and existing modelled evidence, or by the development of model improvements. Our team of specialist consultants will help your organisation to build new capabilities from the ground up. RAB will start you on your flood warning journey and provide a roadmap of future improvements based on your specific circumstances and our knowledge gained over many years working with other agencies.

When implemented correctly, a flood forecasting system reduces the impact of flooding by enabling earlier flood warnings, giving as much time as possible to those in charge of carrying out flood procedures.

At RAB, all of our Flood Forecasting consultants are PRINCE2 practitioners and able to support the development and implementation of your chosen solution. Our flood modellers specialise in developing and delivering “real-time” flood forecasting models, systems and monitoring equipment. We are also a Deltares partner and therefore are able to offer Delft FEWs system setup and configuration.

If your organisation already has a system in place, our specialists can also offer performance testing for existing forecasting assets, catchment schematisation and real-time model calibration.

Why use RAB?
“We are an independent consultancy and therefore able to make an impartial recommendation from any of the forecasting systems available in the market that best meets your requirements.” – Rob Simpson, Flood Resilience Consultant at RAB

Effective flood responses rely on thorough planning and preparation. The flood incident planning services developed by RAB are built on our many years of experience identifying key roles and responsibilities, triggers, resources and contingency measures. Our tried and tested methods help you to deliver a professional, efficient response when the need arises.

Have an early warning system already in place? It’s crucial to test its effectiveness and accuracy in applied situations with flood exercises. We develop and deliver bespoke training and exercise packages designed to build duty officer capability and ensure that your plans and procedures are fit for purpose.

RAB offer a wide variety of approaches to training to ensure we engage all learning styles; from traditional classroom to webinars, on-site training, tabletop exercises and more. We will work with you to design training programmes which meet your needs and build confidence in the newly embedded plans.

Collecting data during and post a flooding event is crucial for the continued improvement of your flood forecasting and early warning service. Live, digitised flood mapping and analysis can be used during an event to understand and communicate event scale to stakeholders and communities, but also post-event to identify areas for improvement. Our post-event analysis service provides a review of the flood warning areas, real-time model calibrations and overall performance assessment covering the entire event.

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