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At RAB, we provide several flood asset management solutions encompassing three vital services.

Flood Asset Inspection Training: Our CIWEM-certified training equips your team to expertly inspect and assess flood and coastal erosion assets. We empower them to recommend necessary maintenance or repairs, enhancing asset resilience.

Flood Asset Inspection and Register Creation: Our T98-accredited inspectors create as well as maintain accurate asset registers using our GIS based system, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. We identify, assess, and itemise assets, offering clearance and repair recommendations. We also assist in budget planning and upkeep through subscription services.

Public Safety Risk Assessments (PSRA): Prioritising public safety, our experienced surveyors conduct comprehensive assessments of safety measures. They identify potential hazards and propose remedial actions, aligning with industry best practices to secure your assets and infrastructure. We also offer CIWEM certified PSRA training.

Our streamlined flood asset inspection and management approach bolsters asset resilience, and regulatory compliance, and ensures public safety. This approach helps to reduce reactive maintenance and allows for predictive maintenance and reliable and resilient budget planning/forecasting. Contact us to learn more or discuss your specific needs in detail.

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Flood Asset Inspection FAQs

Flood asset inspection involves regularly assessing and evaluating flood and coastal erosion assets. It is essential to ensure the assets remain functional, resilient, and capable of mitigating flood risks. Timely inspections help identify maintenance or repair needs.

Flood asset management services help organisations maintain accurate asset registers, plan for maintenance and repairs, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. It enhances asset resilience and public safety.

A flood asset register is a comprehensive database of flood and coastal erosion assets. It documents asset details, condition assessments, and maintenance recommendations. It is crucial for informed decision-making, budget planning, and regulatory compliance. It is also a legal requirement for LLFAs to have an up-to-date and maintained, publicly available asset register.

A PSRA is a thorough evaluation of flood and coastal risk management assets and infrastructure to ensure they do not pose significant risks to the public or compromise public access and rights of way. It identifies potential hazards and recommends remedial actions.

The frequency of flood asset inspection and assessment may vary depending on regulatory requirements, asset types, and risk factors. Typically, regular inspections, ranging from annual to more frequent intervals, are recommended.

Qualified professionals, often certified by relevant bodies such as CIWEM, conduct flood asset inspections and PSRAs. They possess the expertise to assess asset conditions and recommend maintenance or repairs.

An up-to-date flood asset register provides organisations with a clear overview of asset conditions, maintenance needs, and budget requirements. It supports effective asset management, regulatory compliance, and informed decision-making.

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