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Prepare for your planning application with a professional Flood Risk Assessment.

Without a thorough and professional flood risk assessment, there’s every possibility that your planning application could simply be rejected, causing serious delays to your project.

Whether you’re an individual self-builder, managing a commercial project, or an established housing developer, our team is dedicated to ensuring you’re fully prepared, with everything you need to successfully submit an FRA with your planning application.

At RAB, we tailor our services to provide the most effective solutions. Whether that starts and ends with a flood risk assessment or calls for something else entirely.

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Flood Risk Assessment Process


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Flood Risk Assessment FAQs

Over 5 million properties and areas of land across the UK are at risk from flooding, and this is set to increase with climate change and property development.

Whether you are a homeowner, planner, property developer, or architect, you need to understand and mitigate the risk of flooding when designing, redesigning or developing on land.

Flood Risk Assessments are now a common and often necessary part of the planning process, allowing developers and local authorities to assess the flood risk to a property or area of land.

RAB are experts in providing Flood Risk Assessments and advice. Collectively the team have over 50 years of experience helping homeowners, landowners and developers evaluate the risk of flooding and mitigate potential issues.

Data clearly shows that the UK is experiencing warmer and wetter conditions and with it an increase in total rainfall amounts and flooding events. This in turn has led to greater focus from authorities on flood risk assessments and sustainable drainage solutions at the planning stage. In brief, more applications require Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) than you might think.

In England, flood risk assessments are always required when your development or site is located in Flood Zone 2 and 3. You can establish if this applies to your site by referring to the Environment Agency flood map for planning. However, in certain cases, it is possible to challenge the flood map.

If your property/site is not in Zone 2 or 3, but it is more than 1 hectare in size, you will also need to carry out an FRA. This rule also applies to Zone 1 properties located in Critical Drainage Areas, regardless of their size.

Even if your site avoids the above criteria, an FRA could still be requested. The National Planning Policy Framework requires an FRA to be used to assess all sources of flooding, not just nearby rivers. As areas become highly developed the risk of flooding increases for all sites, regardless of the proximity to major waterways.

If you’re still unsure whether you require a Flood Risk Assessment, get in touch with the team at RAB.

First, our team of experts will establish the best course of action for your individual circumstances. We then use our in-depth knowledge of UK planning policy in conjunction with industry-leading software to assess and reduce the risk of flooding to your home or area of development land and make any relevant recommendations.

A range of services may be included, as we always tailor our solutions to suit your requirements, however, flood risk assessment generally follows a process where our team would:

  • Research your area of land and neighbouring areas for previous flooding events
  • Check if any previous Flood Risk Assessments have been undertaken in your area
  • Establish the flood risk for your specific property or area of land
  • Compare your flood risk against national and local planning policy to see if there might be an issue
  • If there is a potential issue, then recommend suitable mitigation measures to reduce the risk of flooding to your property or development

If you want to learn more about what’s included in an FRA, get in touch with the team at RAB.

An improper or incomplete flood risk assessment could lead to your planning application being rejected. Choosing flood risk consultants with ample experience is crucial for avoiding major inconveniences and potentially costly delays to your project

Combining decades of experience with a wide range of specialisms and qualifications, the team at RAB are perfectly placed to guide you successfully through the FRA process.

RAB have delivered hundreds of flood risk assessments over the years, for a wide range of property types and development sites, including small housing extensions, new build houses, commercial properties, and large-scale complex multi-build projects.

With RAB, you can rest assured our team have the experience required to deliver successful Flood Risk Assessments, no matter the scale or scope of your project. Explore some of our previous flood risk assessment projects to learn more.

The average length of time for a Flood Risk Assessment is 4-6 weeks, but this can vary considerably based on a whole range of factors. Your specific property or development is unique, and we treat it that way.

Factors that play a part include flooding history in the area, local topography, historical uses of neighbouring land, other developments, and obviously the exact scale and design of your project.

These all need to be evaluated and assessed and can influence the time it takes to gather and assimilate all the necessary data for your Flood Risk Assessment.

Want to know more? Get in touch for an informal discussion with our team, we can explain the process and give guidance on the best way to support your project, regardless of how big or small it is. Each development is important to us, and our personal and bespoke approach is something that we pride ourselves on.

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