Emergency Exercises

Realistic emergency exercises carried out in a safe & professional learning environment

Thoroughly test your emergency plans with exercises to ensure they work when you need them most

Now that you have your emergency plan in place and your staff have had sufficient incident training, it’s time to prove that the plan works. A structured emergency exercise plan will tell you if your team are ready. Some questions that might help you decide whether you need to carry out emergency exercises are:

Does everyone understand their role?
Have people got the resources they need to do their job under stress?
Does everyone understand who they need to communicate with and how?
Are there any gaps in the training I have provided?

Putting your people and your emergency plan through it’s paces with realistic emergency exercise scenarios ensures that you can respond confidently no matter the circumstances.

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Emergency Exercises FAQs

Emergency exercises are essential for validating the effectiveness of your emergency plan and the readiness of your team. They provide a realistic and controlled environment to test responses, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall preparedness.

RAB follows a structured and tailored approach to exercise design and execution. Our exercises are based on SMART objectives, realistic scenarios, and inclusive facilitation techniques. We focus on delivering exercises that align precisely with your organisation’s unique requirements.

Managing Director, Russell Burton says:

“Through our experience of designing and delivering numerous exercises we developed the “Model for Structured Exercising”. Our Structured approach ensures that we consistently Initiate, Plan, Direct, Debrief and Complete successful exercises that are “tailor-made” to your requirements.”

Yes, if you need to test your team’s response but don’t have the time or resources to plan an exercise from scratch, then try one of our “Do It Yourself” exercise packages.

Our straight off the shelf DIY emergency exercises are created from a wide range of scenarios, which we hand over to you to amend and deliver to suit your needs.

We have developed our own exercise management system (ExMS) which we use to run our emergency exercises and can also make available to clients for their own use. 

This innovative system allows you to amend and run your exercise using automated emails to send information to your participants, freeing you up to engage in different ways or simply observe the exercise taking place.

ExMS is simple to use and cost effective, making it an ideal solution to your exercise delivery needs. Best of all it’s available in the form of a free licence, so you can try it out before you decide if you’d like the full version. Contact us for more information and a free demonstration.

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