Flood Investigation

Comprehensive flood investigation services carried out by the experts

Evidence based analysis of the cause and impact of flooding.

The team at RAB specialise in providing comprehensive flood investigation services, encompassing expert witness services, Section 19 investigations, flood modeling and more.

With our in-depth understanding of flood risk assessments, drainage systems, and flood management strategies, we provide thorough analyses to uncover the causes and impacts of flooding events.

Our experienced team aims to support evidence-based decision-making, promote flood resilience, and offer expert guidance in legal and regulatory contexts.

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Flood Investigation Process


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Flood Investigation FAQs

A flood investigation is crucial for understanding the causes and impacts of flooding incidents. It provides valuable insights into the dynamics of the event, helps identify vulnerabilities, and informs effective flood risk management strategies. A thorough investigation allows for evidence-based decision-making, mitigation measures, and improved resilience against future flooding.

A flood investigation involves collecting various types of data, including historical flood records, topographic surveys, hydrological information, and site-specific data related to the incident. This data helps in analyzing rainfall patterns, river dynamics, drainage infrastructure, and other factors contributing to the flooding.

A flood investigation provides critical information for flood risk management by identifying the root causes of flooding incidents. It helps in understanding vulnerabilities, evaluating the impacts of flooding, and developing targeted mitigation strategies. The insights gained from the investigation contribute to informed decision-making, infrastructure improvements, and effective risk reduction measures.

After a flood investigation, you can expect a detailed report outlining the investigation process, data analysis, impact assessment, and root cause identification. Additionally, the report will include practical recommendations for flood risk management, infrastructure improvements, and policy changes to enhance flood resilience. These recommendations aim to reduce future flood risks and support effective flood management strategies.

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Section 19 of the Flood and Water Management Act (2010) places a duty on Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFA) to undertake a flood investigation after a ‘significant’ flood event, to the extent that it considers necessary or appropriate. A section 19 flood investigation report is a public statement of the circumstances of a flood event and which parties have a role in managing the risks involved.

RAB have successfully completed many section 19 reports for local authorities and always collaborate with the local community, eye-witnesses and Risk Management Authorities. Our team always strive to clearly explain the causes and issues surrounding a flood event, as well as making recommendations towards possible solutions.

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RAB are able to provide Expert Witness Reports in line with insurers and court requirements, for example Civil Procedure Rules Part 35. Expert witness services play a critical role in flood investigation reports by providing authoritative and credible testimony regarding the findings and conclusions of the investigation.
Our experienced team possesses specialized knowledge and expertise in flood incidents, allowing us to offer valuable insights in legal and regulatory contexts.
We provide objective and unbiased assessments of the flood investigation, supporting legal arguments, insurance claims, or any other relevant case that requires expert opinion.

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With a government target to better protect at least 300,000 homes, it’s important money is invested wisely to provide benefit to as many properties as possible. We support Risk Management Authorities to prepare Outline Business Cases in accordance with the “Multi-Coloured manual” for funding approval.
Outline business cases in the context of flood investigation services provide a strategic framework for evaluating and justifying flood risk management and mitigation investments. By assessing the costs, benefits, and potential returns on investment, these cases help stakeholders understand the financial implications of implementing flood management measures.
We apply a collaborative approach working closely with the client, Environment Agency, water authorities and other consultants involved in the process.

Our Resilience Director Bryan Nelson says:

“We understand the end to end partnership funding process and boast a 100% success rate in achieving partnership funding for Lead Local Flood Authority schemes.”

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By utilizing various data inputs, such as topography, rainfall patterns, and hydraulic characteristics, flood modelling enables a detailed understanding of flood dynamics, including flood extent, flow patterns, and potential inundation areas. This valuable tool enhances the accuracy and comprehensiveness of flood investigations, aiding in the identification of vulnerable areas, assessment of potential impacts, and development of effective flood management strategies.

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RAB offers homeowners comprehensive flood investigation reports to understand the causes, impacts, and dynamics of flooding incidents affecting their properties. Subjects range from advising homeowners about water logging of gardens, minor drainage deficiencies and more. Through data analysis, site assessments, and root cause identification, we deliver detailed reports that empower homeowners to make informed decisions for flood risk management and mitigation. Our recommendations are tailored to each homeowner’s specific circumstances, providing actionable measures to enhance property resilience and mitigate future flood risks.

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