Dubai Flooding Highlights the Need for Up-To-Date Emergency & Business Continuity Plans

The heavy rainfall and flash flooding that occurred in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East this week is another reminder that the warming atmosphere caused by climate change is making rainfall events more frequent and intense. It also highlights that even those areas like the UAE that don’t usually experience much rainfall can be affected by extreme weather due to climate change.

Whilst the UAE’s National Emergency Crisis Management Authority and the government issued warnings before the storm telling people to work from and stay at home, businesses need to have effective plans in place that will be triggered by these warnings. The situation at Dubai Airport highlights that businesses need to plan for climate change, to ensure continued operations during and after any type of disruption.

Effective emergency and business continuity plans will help businesses to respond and recover more effectively to any type of disruption. At RAB Consultants, we can help you develop and implement effective emergency and business continuity plans to prepare for extreme weather due to climate change.

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