Flood Alleviation

From natural flood management to hard-engineered solutions

Design flood alleviation works to protect your communities with RAB

Our Flood Risk Engineers will work with you to design flood alleviation works to protect your communities. We will consider all the options from natural flood management to hard-engineered solutions, these could include flood walls, embankments, flood gates, temporary and demountable defences.

We work with you to develop an initial concept, before developing it through detailed design so it is ready for construction. We will also produce tender documents, manage bids from relevant contractors and then supervise construction on your behalf. Our Senior Flood Risk Engineer Peter Batty says:

“Everything we do is bespoke to your site and tailored to meet your individual needs and drivers.”

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Flood Alleviation Process


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Flood Alleviation FAQs

Flood alleviation refers to measures and strategies designed to reduce the impact of flooding on communities and their assets. It is necessary to protect lives, property, and the environment from the devastating effects of flooding, including damage and disruption.

Flood alleviation measures vary widely and can include natural flood management, flood defences (e.g., levees, flood walls), river channel modifications, floodplain zoning, and sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). The choice of measures depends on the specific flood risk and local conditions.

Flood alleviation projects typically require ongoing maintenance to ensure their effectiveness. This includes periodic inspections, repairs, and adjustments to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Regular maintenance is essential to keep flood defences and systems operational.

The duration of a flood alleviation project can vary significantly depending on its complexity, size, and the chosen measures. Projects may take several months to several years to plan, design, and implement.

Flood Alleviation Case Studies


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