RAB Team Support ‘Earth Day 2024’

Climate change is our biggest global threat, and the whole team here at RAB are fully engaged and actively supporting the events, initiatives and objectives of Earth Day 2024.

RAB are at the forefront of adapting and mitigating to climate change, here are some examples of the type of work we are doing to tackle climate change.

  • Modelling the impacts of increasing flood risk and developing innovative solutions to reduce flood risk.
  • Developing Sustainable Drainage Solutions for new developments that reduce flood risk for the development and downstream communities, enhances local biodiversity, improves water quality and provides amenity benefits.
  • Tackling increased river flows and storminess by designing flood alleviation and erosion control schemes that enhance the river and coastal environment.
  • Working to restore rivers to slow the flow and reinstate peat bogs as natural carbon sinks.
  • Advising homeowners and insurers on how to make homes and businesses more resilient to flooding.
  • Preparing authorities and business for any emergency through effective planning, training & exercises.
  • Supporting businesses to adapt with business continuity and carbon reduction plans.

More information about all of these important initiatives and the broader work we do can be found here on our website. We also have several current job opportunities to join our team and help make a difference. Details are on the careers section of the website. Or you or you can get in touch by email enquiries@rabconsultants.co.uk or call our head office in Lichfield on 01543 547303.