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At RAB Consultants, we offer comprehensive support in obtaining Flood Risk Activity Permits. Our team of experts specialises in guiding clients through the process, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimising the risks associated with flood activities. We also assist with Ordinary Watercourse Consent applications. Trust RAB to provide professional assistance for securing the necessary permits to carry out activities in flood-risk areas.

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Flood Investigation FAQs

A Flood Risk Activity Permit is a regulatory requirement for conducting certain activities in areas at risk of flooding. It ensures that appropriate measures are in place to mitigate potential risks and protect both people and the environment.

Activities such as construction near watercourses, flood storage or attenuation facilities, dredging, and modification of drainage systems often require a Flood Risk Activity Permit. It is essential to consult with experts to determine if your proposed activity falls under this category.

The timeframe for obtaining a permit may vary depending on the complexity of the proposed activity and the specific requirements of the regulatory authorities. Our team of consultants strives to expedite the process while ensuring all necessary documentation and assessments are completed accurately.

An Ordinary Watercourse Consent Application is a formal request made to the relevant regulatory authority, typically a local environmental agency or water management organisation, seeking permission to carry out certain activities or developments within or near a watercourse. This application process is necessary to ensure that any proposed changes or actions do not negatively impact the natural flow of water, the environment, or the safety of the area.

You might need an Ordinary Watercourse Consent Application in the following situations:

  1. Construction or Development Near Watercourses: If you plan to construct new buildings, roads, bridges, or any other structures near a river, stream, or any water body, you may need this consent to ensure that your development does not disrupt the natural flow of water or cause flooding.
  2. Alterations to Watercourses: If you intend to modify or alter a watercourse by dredging, embanking, or diverting it, you will likely require consent. This ensures that the changes are environmentally sustainable and do not harm the ecosystem or downstream properties.
  3. Water Extraction: If you want to extract water from a river or stream for industrial, agricultural, or domestic purposes, you will need to apply for consent to ensure that your activities do not deplete the water source excessively or harm aquatic life.
  4. Water Pollution Control: In cases where your activities might introduce pollutants or contaminants into the water, such as from industrial processes or wastewater discharge, you may need consent to monitor and mitigate potential environmental impacts.
  5. Land Drainage: If you plan to carry out land drainage activities that involve diverting surface water into watercourses, you should seek consent to prevent downstream flooding and erosion.
  6. Protection of Habitats: If your project involves protecting or enhancing natural habitats along watercourses, such as wetlands or riparian zones, consent may be required to ensure that these efforts align with conservation goals.

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