Flood Emergency Plan in Leeds City Centre

November, 2020:

RAB Consultants were commissioned to produce a detailed Flood Emergency Plan for a riverside café-bar located adjacent to the River Aire in Leeds City Centre.

The purpose of the plan is to reduce risk to life, mitigate damage and enable a safe and well organised evacuation of staff, customers and visitors from the site.

The plan included:

  • The roles and responsibilities of those involved in flood response
  • Products available to monitor flood risk
  • The process of activating the Flood Emergency Plan
  • Actions required before, during and after a flood event
  • Response/trigger levels with associated response actions
  • Warning and informing arrangements
  • Evacuation arrangements
  • Checklists to assist staff with efficiently responding to a flood event

We reviewed our plan alongside Leeds City Council’s emergency response procedures including the Category one responders notification and alert process and evacuation zones to ensure staff responded in line with the council’s procedures when required.

Our experts can create bespoke Flood Emergency / Flood Warning and Evacuation plan for you or your organisation. We can also create training and exercises to test your plan. Get in touch with us for a personalised quote.