Salmon, Snakes & Ladders!

Out inspecting in Duffield, Derbyshire following Storm Henk on behalf of the Environment Agency. Numerous properties flooded in Storm Babet, luckily Henke wasn’t as bad.

Lots and lots of water!

Whilst working on behalf on the Environment Agency in Lincolnshire on post flood inspections, Charlie Davies can be seen inspecting assets stood next to flood

There is training and then there is ‘training’…

A household had their own 1/4 scale model railway in their garden which was spotted whilst out on site undertaking post flood inspections in East

Someone is watching you…

Asset inspecting in County Limerick and County Clare, Ireland for the Office of Public Works. Alexandra Mackaness – Assistant FRM Engineer


Public Safety Risk Assessment (PSRA) inspections with Alex Spittle in West Northamptonshire checking the conditions of the screen, fencing, other public safety measures, identifying any

A Plea to Protect our Dunes…

Alexandra Mackaness (Assistant FRM Engineer) Ive been out inspecting some of our coastal assets in Suffolk. It can be great if the weather is playing

An Asset Inspector with Arachnophobia!

Alexandra Mackaness (Assistant FRM Engineer) As a terrible arachnophobe, I was happy that I actually mustered up the courage to get a close up of

Making friends with the locals…

Alexandra Mackaness (Assistant FRM Engineer) Many of the assets we inspect are way out in the countryside, but we are never too far from the

Desiccation Cracks & Snake Setbacks: An Average Day for an Asset Inspector!

Alexandra Mackaness (Assistant FRM Engineer) Great to be out in the Suffolk countryside inspecting some of Southwold’s embankments. The were really suffering during the hot