World Rivers Day: 25th Sept

As we approach World Rivers Day on Sunday 25th September, RAB are taking this opportunity to share awareness of the impact of flooding.

As a company we are dedicated to increasing resilience and reducing flood risk and we understand the impact climate change has on flooding. We are committed to becoming a net carbon zero business by 2040 to reduce the impact we have as a company on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Alongside this, we offer Property Flood Resilience and following large flood events, aid the Environment Agency in delivering their post flood inspection process. Our resilience team work on emergency planning and incident management to aid organizations in preparing for their next incident.

Recently we have been working with the Environment Agency to conduct their routine T98 asset inspections to ensure their condition is suitable and communities would be protected in the event of a flood, offering our advice on how engineering repairs can be done where necessary.

We have also been designing with the environment in mind. During a recent project, we reduced the amount of hard engineered rock armour and increased the amount of coir matting to take a more environmentally friendly approach to erosion protection.

Similarly, we were recently awarded the prestigious Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) People’s Choice Award for 2022 for a collaborative project in Shropshire and Wales to restore Britain’s third-largest lowland raised peatbog within the Fenn’s, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses National Nature Reserves.

Increasing awareness of flooding within communities can help us become better prepared for events as a society, as they become more and more frequent with the ever-changing climate.