RAB Team Take to the Water…

Most of our Flood Asset Inspection work is undertaken from dry land, but occasionally assets can only be fully assessed from the water. This was the case recently at St Ives in Cambridgeshire during ongoing work for the Environment Agency (EA).

This short video clip shows the nature of this particular asset on the River Great Ouse, and the necessity to inspect directly from the water. This part of the country was hit hard by the recent winter storms, with flood defences once again tested. The assets inspected on this section of the river were in good condition with no immediate maintenance needed.

Peter Batty, Senior Engineer at RAB, commented: “It is quite rare for us to have to take to the water to check assets, but at this location it was the only way to undertake a thorough inspection. This piece of work was part of a wider EA initiative that has been ongoing since January. We are part of the Collaborative Delivery Team supporting the project to assess all river and coastal assets.”

RAB have extensive experience and expertise working with flood assets, including supporting public and private sector organisations. More information is available on the Flood Risk and Incident Management section of our website, and we have also uploaded a range of Asset Inspection video blogs too.