Flood Risk and Incident Management

We use our specialist experience, skills and knowledge to help flood risk managers reduce the risk of flooding and coastal erosion to people and property.

 We offer a range of services which are summarised below:

Flood Asset Inspection

Our accredited inspectors will report on the condition of your flood and coastal erosion assets and provide CIWEM certified training for your inspectors.

Flood Forecasting & Early Warning

Our flood modellers specialise in developing and delivering “real time” flood forecasting models, systems and monitoring equipment.

Flood Incident Management

Our experienced flood incident managers will develop your flood response plans and procedures, and prepare your people with engaging training and exercises.

Flood Investigation & Planning

Our engineers will investigate and model flooding problems, produce compliant business cases and advise on planning policy.

Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Schemes

Our surveyors engage with your communities to provide independent PFR recommendations, as well as advise and train others.

River & Coastal Engineering

Our engineers will assess, design and supervise the construction of your flood alleviation and erosion protection projects.