RAB Property Flood Resilience Expert Interviewed for Groundwater Podcast

We are delighted to confirm the release of the latest Groundwater Rising podcast featuring Rob Pike, our Senior Property Flood Resilience Advisor! The podcast is part of a series of episodes produced by the team at Project Groundwater, which RAB have been involved with as Partner and Workstream Lead. The podcast featuring Rob is available online at:

How to Protect Households From Groundwater Flooding

Project Groundwater is a Defra funded programme designed to support communities in nine high-risk flood areas of the Chiltern Hills and Berkshire Downs. It is part of a wider £200 million Flood and Coastal Innovation Programme managed by the Environment Agency. All the programmes will drive innovation in flood and coastal resilience and adaptation to a changing climate. Further details, including our appointment as Lead Partner on the Resilience Workstream, can be found in a news story we published in April last year:

RAB appointed as Partner and Workstream Lead on Project Groundwater

In this latest podcast, Rob discusses the increasingly important role of Property Flood Resilience (PFR) with host Katie Hargrave-Smith. Rob also shares his knowledge of the latest strategies, equipment and innovation that will help protect buildings prone to groundwater flooding. All the episodes including Rob’s can be found on the Groundwater Rising website:

Episodes | Groundwater Rising

Further information on the resilience and flood risk services that RAB provide is available on this website, or you can also get in touch by email (enquiries@rabconsultants.co.uk) or call our head office in Lichfield on 0330 223 6475.