RAB continues with Flood Asset Inspection work for the Environment Agency

The recent winter storms have once again stretched flood assets and defences in many regions of the country. One such example was Storm Christoph in late January, which triggered hundreds of flood alerts and resulted in extensive flooding to properties in several areas.

The Environment Agency is now conducting an extensive inspection of flood assets and defences, and RAB is currently supporting this work as a member of the Collaborative Delivery Team.

Our engineers are looking for signs of erosion, structural damage, and any debris such as fallen trees blocking channels. We report and make recommendations to address defects using the Agency’s Condition Assessment Manual, assigning a condition grade for each asset on a 1 to 5 scale.

We also undertake similar work for other national and regional organisations using our T98 and CIWEM certified training inspectors. They will identify and itemise your assets in a flood asset register, assess their condition and recommend clearance and/or repair works that comply with the Condition Assessment Manual. We will also advise on the likely ongoing maintenance and operational requirements and costs, so you can establish annual inspection, maintenance, and capital expenditure budgets.

Fiona Cuthill, our Senior Advisor added: “By creating detailed registers of flood defence assets, it allows you to see at a glance, which assets require improvement or repair works in line with a maintenance schedule. We also offer an annual inspection subscription service to help you keep your asset register up to date and budget for inspection costs.”

More information on Flood Asset Inspection can be found on our website, and we also have some Asset Inspection video blogs available to view and download too. These can be found on our Insights section.

In addition to a full range of flood related services, RAB also have extensive experience and expertise supporting more general business resilience and continuity. This includes incident management and emergency planning. Full details of all our services can be found on our website, along with case studies, testimonials, and full contact details.