Vlog Training Rewarded with Ice Creams!

We are always looking for ways to support and develop the teams at RAB. In most cases this directly relates to their professional role within the company, but we also provide training in a range of more generic skills that will be useful throughout their careers.

This week we took some of the team out into the field to provide training on how to create video content for use in vlogs and related media. The training was provided by our marketing and communication partner, Alive, who also used it as an opportunity to give some general tips which also apply when presenting in meetings, events, and at conferences.

The training focused on a range of fluvial assets and flood defences in Tamworth, Staffordshire. These are well know to RAB as we work closely with the Environment Agency to inspect and report on their condition.

Despite some initial (and understandable!) nerves, the whole team quickly embraced the challenge and grew in confidence both in front of and behind the camera! It may have been the heat or their new-found ‘stardom’ that went to their heads, but after a couple of hours the RAB ‘celebrities’ demanded an ice-cream break!

A wide range of footage was recorded which will now be used by the Alive team to create the final vlogs. These will be loaded onto our website and other social media channels in the near future!