Flood Risk Clearance and Repair works for Local Authorities in Scotland– Online Training Course

The drivers for flood asset and watercourse inspection

The Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 has changed the approach to managing flooding with strategies and plans now in place to provide a co-ordinated and national direction.  The Act has placed duties on Local Authorities to:

“…assess the relevant bodies of water in its area for ascertaining whether the condition of any such body of water gives a risk of flooding of land”

“…prepare a schedule of clearance and repair works using a risk-based approach.”

Inspecting flood defence assets and watercourses informs condition, performance, and the likelihood of failure, which is essential for effective flood risk management. RAB Consultants administers and delivers the Environment Agency’s programme to train, accredit and re-accredit flood asset inspectors. As the sole trainer and accreditor, we are expanding our visual asset inspection training to local authorities across Scotland, England, and Wales.

What is the Condition Assessment Manual?

The Condition Assessment Manual (CAM) takes forward asset condition assessment in the context of performance-based asset management. Without assessments of condition and likely performance of assets, it is impossible to support effective decision making for the management of flood risk. The CAM uses condition grades ranging from Very Good to Very Poor and incorporates descriptions to reflect condition based on descriptors for asset types (e.g. material, defects, erosion etc.). The calculated asset condition grade informs the requirement for remedial work to ensure the asset meets its target condition grade.

Training course opportunities in Scotland

By the end of the course candidates will:

  • List the implications of the repair and clearance guidance for their authority
  • Identify the key principles and practice of visual flood asset inspection and how to apply them to specific types of asset
  • Recommend appropriate clearance and repair works for their register
  • Inspect, record and grade the condition of various local flood assets in accordance with the Condition Assessment Manual and associated documents
  • Understand the next steps for those seeking 5-year accreditation

For further information, please contact Fiona Cuthill on 01786 611022 or enquiries@rabconsultants.co.uk.