Flood Risk Assessment for a change of use planning application in Burton-on-Trent

November, 2020:

RAB Consultants recently completed a flood risk assessment for a site in central Burton-on-Trent located in defended Flood Zone 3. The development will involve a change of use from a commercial building into residential flats.

As part of the assessment, we reviewed available documents and models, assessed the risk to the site from all sources of flooding and climate change, provided recommendations of flood risk mitigation measures and provided a SuDS drainage statement.

Large areas of Burton-on-Trent are protected by defences from the River Trent and therefore residual risk from defence failure is an important consideration. We prepared a flood warning and evacuation plan which will be implemented by residents to mitigate this residual flood risk.

The report concluded that the development is appropriate for the flood risk and is not expected to increase flood risk elsewhere.

If you are applying for a planning application which requires a flood risk assessment, our flood risk experts will be happy to help you.