RAB supports Environment Agency to launch Emergency Alerts on Mobile Phones

The recent announcement and launch of Emergency Mobile Alerts by the government is a huge step forward in the UK’s resilience objective to save lives and livelihoods. We’re proud to say that RAB staff were an integral part of the Environment Agency (EA) team that integrated this new capability into the flood warning service.

Ian Bowler, Service Transition Senior Advisor for the Environment Agency had this to say about working with RAB:

“RAB Consultants have been an integral part of the team who were challenged by the Cabinet Office to develop the Emergency Alert capability for the most severe flooding in England. Their dedication, experience and passion were a great source of motivation for the whole team as well as essential in being able to deliver the capability to those at risk of flooding.”

Depending on the severity and impact of flooding, an Emergency Alert can be issued to members of the public in or entering an affected area. This technology has already been used successfully in many countries. It sends a distinctive siren sound to your mobile phone which will continue until acknowledged. The messages are free to receive and will only ever be sent by the emergency services or the government. The Emergency Alerts system is now operational and a test is scheduled to run on Sunday 23rd April, with smartphone users nationwide sent the message.

Ian Bowler continues: “RAB were fully integrated into all aspects of the Environment Agency’s development of the Emergency Alerts capability for flooding. In addition to project management services, this included creating the protocol for use, duty officer procedures, supporting documentation, training and exercising and business change activities. RAB Consultants have delivered an exciting capability in partnership with the Environment Agency that will help reduce the impact of the most severe flooding in England. Their work will help save lives.”

Bryan Nelson, Resilience Director at RAB, added: “Global warming is directly impacting more and more communities. Climates around the world are changing and flooding events are increasing in frequency. Our expertise and experience has helped organisations here in the UK and internationally develop and introduce flood forecasting and warning systems specific to their environment. We look forward to continuing our work with the Environment Agency and also other organisations around the world as resilience plans are put in place.”

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