Coastal Asset Inspections working alongside Mother Nature!

Working in this industry comes with the acceptance that your ‘office’ is often outdoors. For most of us at RAB that acceptance is more like a desire. We love being outdoors, working in all locations in all weathers, but always aware of the beauty of the physical and natural environment around us.

And none more so than a current project which involves inspecting coastal flood assets in North Ayrshire. This includes the spectacular Isle of Arran, where our inspections span a wide variety of flood defences including rock armour, coastal flood walls and gabions. The purpose of the inspections is to identify the condition of coastal flood defences and enable effective maintenance and repair where needed.

The stunning mountainous and coastal scenery made for a unique and awe-inspiring ‘office’. One in which you could fully immerse within the natural beauty and wildlife of the Scottish Islands. Some of Arran’s best wildlife made an appearance including deer, seals, sea otters and dolphins! More to come as we continue with the project over the next few months.

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