Training programme for Gold and Silver incident responders

December 2020

The challenge

The ability of duty officers to respond to incidents and emergencies is critical. This London council had a need to maintain the readiness of incident responders operating in Gold and Silver roles.

They needed a bespoke modular based blended training course to improve their capability in these roles, that in turn builds confidence, introduces consistency and above all improves duty officer performance i.e. competency.

The facts

  • 21 staff to be trained in new roles
  • Need to integrate with London incident response arrangements and the Resilience Standards for London
  • Need to raise awareness of legislation, emergency plans and procedures and other wider documentation

The solution

RAB Consultants worked with this council during COVID-19 restrictions to provide an online-modular based webinar series, followed by an innovative training session which created a collaborative blended platform between both online and face-to-face attendees. This theory was put into practice with a live online exercise scenario for Module 3, where pairs of Gold and Silver Officers were assessed using our capability acronym CHILI (Communication, Health, Safety & Wellbeing, Incident Management, Leadership and Information Management) identified at the start of the course.

Tutor assessments were compared with self-assessments in these areas from both before, and after the course, providing a detailed picture of progression, which highlighted any areas where further improvement was required. RAB adapted to various challenges created by COVID-19, using online training software to deliver an engaging and holistic experience for attendees, facilitating their knowledge growth in areas such as logging, CONOPS and situational awareness.


This course is an example of a framework which can be adapted across other London Boroughs and other Councils across the UK. Our experts can modify and create bespoke training and exercise programmes to suit your organisation’s requirements, providing an innovative and engaging learning experience.