Exercise WOLF PACK a table top exercise to test Wolverhampton City Council’s Major Incident Response Plan

We followed the Model for Structured Exercising for planning and delivering Exercise WOLF PACK.

We confirmed the council’s requirement and objectives for the exercise of testing their new Major Incident Response Plan and for the collective training of their staff in the GOLD and SILVER roles in responding to a major incident impacting the city and also affecting the Olympic Torch Relay event.

We designed a one-day exercise for 80 players split in to four sessions:

  1. Initial notification and assessment
  2. Establishing the response capability
  3. Planning the response for the impact on the city and the Olympic Torch Relay event
  4. Stand Down

To end the day we facilitated a hot-debrief of all players to allow them to identify issues and improvements.  We collated all the feedback from the exercise and analysed it against “resilience capability line of development” and produced Lessons Identified Reports containing an action plan for the councils departments to implement any improvements.

Overall Exercise WOLF PACK was a great success for Wolverhampton City Council in enhancing their incident response capability.

Exercise WOLF PACK  was delivered  as part of the wider Wolverhampton City Council Resilience Project.  RAB Consultants published crisis management plans to manage incidents, rest centres and city centre evacuation as well as initiate a business continuity management system in line with ISO 22301.