Wolverhampton City Centre Evacuation Plan

We were asked to produced a revised city centre evacuation plan for Wolverhampton City Council. Firstly we undertook a research exercise on best practice and consulted with Emergency Planning professionals to produce a first draft plan. We then consulted with key stakeholders in the plan from within the Council and external stakeholders who would play an integral role in managing and coordinating a city centre evacuation. We then consulted with the Wolverhampton Resilience Group (WRG) by running a plan consultation workshop on the plan layout and content using a scenario to run through the various sections of the plan. The outputs of the workshop were then used to update and revise the draft plan into an interim version.

In collaboration with the Police Counter Terrorism Unit, we ran a half day table top exercise to test the draft plan with participants from all key city centre organisations, emergency services, council services and Wolverhampton Homes.

Further revisions learnt from the table top exercise were incorporated into to the interim plan. The plan was then issued as a final version.