UK Coastal Monitoring and Forecasting (UKCMF) Service Strategy and Resilience Assessment

In 2012 we were commissioned by the Environment Agency to undertake two pieces of work in relation to the UKCMF Service.

  • To review and update of the UKCMF Service Strategy 2009 to 2019;
  • To assess the resilience of the UKCMF service.


he Service review included a report on successes and failures and delivery of products since 2009 and a re-assessment of the aims and objectives of the Service; the challenges facing the Service over the period of the Strategy; the implementation plan over the short, medium and long term; and the costs and benefits. Service developments, budget constraints and stakeholder views and requirements were taken into account.
The resilience assessment covered three main areas:

  1. An assessment of the processes that ensure resilient handovers of data and information between partner organisations that provide the service;
  2. Documentation of the management procedures in place to ensure the health and safety of staff across all UKCMF partner organisations;
  3. An assessment of the skills and capacity within the various partner organisations to provide a resilient service

This information was used to inform service managers where to target resources to meet shortfalls.
Both assignments involved the assimilation of background information, partner consultation, information gathering and analysis, the production of reports and presentation of findings to the client.