Flood Asset Registers

Experts in helping you manage flood risk.

UK Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Authorities are required to maintain registers and report on the condition of flood and coastal erosion assets in their area Scottish Local Authorities also need to make justifiable recommendations for clearance and/or repair works in accordance with the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act.

How we can help
Our T98 accredited inspectors will identify and itemise your assets in a flood asset register, assess their condition and recommend clearance and/or repair works that comply with the Condition Assessment Manual. We will also advise on the likely ongoing maintenance and operational requirements and costs, so you can establish annual inspection, maintenance and capital expenditure budgets. Fiona Cuthill, our Senior Advisor said:

“By creating detailed registers of flood defence assets, it allows you to see at a glance, which assets require improvement or repair works in line with a maintenance schedule. We also offer an annual inspection subscription service to help you keep your asset register up to date and budget for inspection costs.”

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