Flood Wall Condition Assessments

Experienced in helping you understand flood risk.

Proposed riverside or coastal developments often rely on the protection of existing flood/erosion protection assets, such as walls, revetments and embankments. Our Accredited Flood Asset Inspectors will assess the condition of your site’s flood/erosion protection assets in accordance with the Environment Agency Condition Assessment Manual. Our report may be used to inform a flood risk assessment for a planning application or to advise on repairs and improvements to protect your home.

Further Investigations

Our Inspectors are Chartered Civil Engineers who train and officially accredit the UK’s Flood Asset Inspectors. Our Senior Flood Risk Engineer, Peter Batty says:

“Our condition assessment will give a rating from 1 (Very Good) to 5 (very poor) and recommend whether to investigate, repair or replace the defence as appropriate. We can then design and arrange any remedial work required.”

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