Adoption Agreements

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Usually, the owner of private sewers will want to transfer them to the relevant water company post development. Not only does this mean the owner is no longer responsible for their upkeep, it also means they’re in the hands of a company that has the legal powers, financial resources and expertise to maintain them.

Sewerage Sector Guidance

The Sewerage Sector Guidance documentation approved by Ofwat under its Code for Adoption Agreements contains new rules on surface water sewers that will apply to all water and sewerage companies in England from 1 April 2020. The rules for adoption can be found in the Design and Construction Guidance (DCG) document. Our Principal Flood risk Consultant, Gavin Wilson says:

“The rules will allow English water and sewerage companies to adopt a wider range of sewer types than they have done to date, including some SuDS.”

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