Bespoke Emergency Exercises

Experts in all aspects of emergency planning and business continuity

Now that you have your emergency plan in place and your staff are trained it’s time to  prove that the plan works. A structured exercise will tell you if your team are ready:

  • Does everyone understand their role?
  • Have people got the resources they need to do their job under stress?
  • Does everyone understand who they need to communicate with and how?
  • Are there any gaps in the training I have provided?

Our structured Exercising approach

We INITIATE with SMART objectives to establish your exercise requirements. We then work with you and your partners to PLAN the exercise with realistic scenarios that will deliver your exercise requirements. Our experienced team will DIRECT the exercise with the aid of our Exercise Messaging System (ExMS) and DEBRIEF your participants using engaging and inclusive facilitation techniques. Finally we COMPLETE with a detailed post exercise report that identifies the lessons learned including the successes, areas for improvement and whether the exercise met your requirements.

Managing Director, Russell Burton says:

“Through our experience of designing and delivering numerous exercises we developed the “Model for Structured Exercising”. Our Structured approach ensures that we consistently Initiate, Plan, Direct, Debrief and Complete successful exercises that are “tailor-made” to your requirements.”

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